Why StumbleUpon is Useful to You?

So, what is StumbleUpon? You may have heard of it.

StumbleUpon is very useful to me. I am a social media consultant for a few
businesses but I have not yet created a Facebook fan page or a
website to market my services as a consultant. [I’ve been too busy helping
other people get their social media going.]

I really want to look at the Facebook pages and websites of my competition to
see what they are doing and how they attract clients.

StumbleUpon is very beneficial to me because even though I
don’t have time to look at my competitors I can put their sites into a
cache that I can come back to later. Every now and then I will
go to my StumbleUpon account and look at these competitors. I can put any
web page into my StumbleUpon account.

This is very useful because it allows me to come back to these sites later…
when I have the time to really look at them.

When you create a StumbleUpon account you are prompted to select the
types of sites that interest you. If you like sports, for example, you can
specify sports. Then you can click the “stumble” button. Every time you
click it a new site in your category(ies) of interest will appear in
your window.

You can indicate whether or not you like the sites that are paraded across
your window. Every time you like a site, StumbleUpon takes
note of the type of content you are interested in. As you “like” and
“dislike” more sites StumbleUpon will customize the
types of sites that appear. This way you are eventually given the
sites that interest you the most.

This could really help you with research. Enter the type of research you are
conducting as your category of interest and stumble over site
after site. Eventually, as you like more sites, you will only see
sites that are truly relevant to your research.

So, StumbleUpon is valuable for two reason.

1. You can save sites to come back to later by putting them into your
StumbleUpon account.
2. You can create a custom showcase of sites that interest you.

Also, if you enter your site into the StumbleUpon database people who are
interested in your industry will have your site appear in front of
them. This could be very helpful for getting some traffic.

I hope this helps and I hope you enjoy taking advantage of StumbleUpon.

Thanks for reading,

~Joshua Lyons


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