We Need to Blog

So what’s the big deal about blogs?

Why are blogs so important that there are literally hundreds of
millions of them?

Having a company blog is valuable for the following four reasons.

1. Blogs allow your business to seem personable as opposed to
being just a cold, heartless, money driven business. By becoming personable
you can build a rapport with your audience. Needless to say, a
business with a strong customer relationship will become
much more successful than one without.

2. Blogs allow you to give custom-made messages to your audience. It’s like
free advertising. It used to be that you had to pay to get an
advertisement published, but now you can do it for free. However, make sure
it doesn’t look like you are advertising. Be subtile.

3. Blogs provide your target markets a medium through which to
communicate with you. This is an excellent way to monitor what people are
saying about your business and get free feedback from the
people you are interested in reaching.

4. Blogs are great for increasing traffic to your Facebook, Twitter, or
website pages.

Blogs are valuable. If you don’t have one I would suggest that you consider starting one.

Thanks for reading,

~Joshua Lyons


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