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Cheat Your Tweets – Become More Popular

September 6, 2010

I wrote a while back about what type of content you should
use for your tweets. Since that posting I’ve come up with some valuable info I really want to share.

You want to provide interesting info but you can only find so much
info related to your industry. I would suggest
using interesting content that is not just industry related. For example,
use animal trivia for your facts, something you find interesting for
your tips, humor for your quotes and Darwin awards for your
links. Just make sure to include your
name and keywords before the rest of the tweet.

Here are some examples of interesting tweets that could help
you with your ranking but aren’t industry related.

·    Joshua Lyons: social media – Did you know that mosquitoes have
47 teeth?!! #animals #facts #mosquitoes

·    Joshua Lyons: consultation ~Simpsons “Don’t worry, getting eaten by a crocodile is like falling asleep, in a giant blender.” #quotes #funny #Simpsons

Try to leave enough room at the end of the tweet so that  people can easily retweet you.

I’ve noticed that this has worked much better for me because this type of information is more popular with the followers and it is easier to find random information than it is to find industry related

Just don’t forget to use your keywords.

Thanks for reading,

~Joshua Lyons

Here is a link to my other Twitter content posting.



Why You Shouldn’t Let Everyone Follow You

August 26, 2010

Let’s pretend you own a high-end women’s sunglasses store. A mysterious yet magical man comes up to you and tells you he will drive some traffic to your store. You can either have a flood of traffic in one day but cannot
select the traffic demographic or you can have a custom picked list of fashionable women, but would have to wait a whole week. Which would you choose?

Obviously you would choose the second option. Why spend time selling expensive women’s glasses to a crowd of men, children, homeless and uninterested people?

This same principle is true with using Twitter.

If you are wanting to have a successful Twitter campaign you need to locate your primary target audience and find out how to effectively communicate with them.

You want to have as many followers on Twitter as possible but there are some key points to remember.

  1. If you follow too many people at once you could appear as a spammer. Limit yourself to no more than 1oo followers a day.
  2. You want to keep the follower/following ratio close. Not more than a 10% difference.

Takeing a little extra time to find your target market is well worth the effort.

Develop a quality following.

  1. Go to Twellow and follow your target audience. Follow 50-100 people a day.
  2. Know your key audience so that you can craft tweets that will be of interest to your followers and will likely be retweeted.

The benefits:

  1. Get Google and Bing to index your tweets more often by having your followers retweet your keywords they like.
  2. You can effectively monitor your followers (target market) and get to understand their needs and wants. [You can’t do this if your followers are not in your target market.]
  3. Increase your brand awareness and get more customers.

Final tip: Lead your Twitter followers to your Facebook account. Facebook is where you can build the strongest relationship with them. Think of Twitter as a business card and Facebook as a one-on-one dinner.

Happy follower hunting!

Thanks for reading,

~Joshua Lyons


Tweet Content: What Your Business Should be Tweeting

August 20, 2010

You want to have great content that will make your appear to be an expert in your field and will also be of great interest to your readers. First I’m going to give you some tips on getting great content to share. Then I will explain how to make your tweets benefit you.

One tweet should include a tip that could benefit your customers.

Example – If I’m in the signage industry I would tweet that “You should avoid pressure washing your car if it has vinyl lettering on the side.”

One tweet should include a quote that would be of interest to your reader.

Almost everyone in my target audience is employed. Therefore I use quotes that involve work. The quote will have to be short enough to include both the name of the author and the quote itself.

One tweet should be a link to an article or video.

This could be a link to a relevant article or maybe a video. It should lead the reader to something interesting to read or watch.

One tweet should lead your reader to an interesting fact.

If you’re in the movie industry you might tweet that “Today is Brad Pitts’ birthday.”

These tweets are of course not set in stone. It’s rather challenging to find a ton of interesting facts for the signage industry. It may be much easier and just as interesting to tweet a link to the “Pic of the Day.” (Photos of the best or funniest signs made)

Spend a few hours at the beginning of each month and select tips, quotes, articles/videos, facts and/or something else of interest.

Now that you have selected your tweets you can sit back and just post them each day.

Every now and then you will see something interesting that you think could be a good tweet. Feel free to go to Twitter and tweet it. It never hurts to share good information. Just don’t try so hard to post something that you start posting junk. Don’t post stupid content just for the sake of posting something.

How to make your tweets benefit you:

You want to make sure that every tweet has you business name and a keyword that you want to be associated with. This is key!

For example: “Signage Company Name: Vinyl lettering: Vehicle wrap tip: You should avoid pressure washing your car if it has vinyl lettering.”

Personally I don’t care about the tip. I care that my name is in the tweet along with keywords. (Vinyl lettering and Vehicle wrap) The reason for the tip is to get my audience to retweet my name next to some keywords. This is what Google is looking for. It wants to see that people are interested in what I have to say.

I hope this helps you feel more comfortable with what to tweet and I hope it helps you with your Google rankings.

Thanks for reading,

~Joshua Lyons