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Say Goodbye To Long And Ugly URLs

November 28, 2010

Have you ever copied and pasted a link that was so long you couldn’t
send it in a tweet; or maybe it was so long that it just didn’t look good in the
email? Here is the solution.

Go to and paste the long url into the provided field. After
this is done click on “Make tiny url” and a new [short] link will be
provided. The new link goes to the same web page as the long link, but it
won’t take up your character space.

I hope you get a lot of use out of tinyurl. This post ties in well with my
Twitter category
which gives advice on what to tweet, how often to
tweet, and other general Twitter tips.

Thanks for reading,

~Joshua Lyons

P.S. Since posting this entry I have had about a dozen comments from
people recommending as well. I checked out that site and
I am impressed with it. I would encourage you to check out both sites
and see which one is more comfortable. You’ve got options!

P.S.S. Here is a well written article about the concerns/pitfalls of using
shortlinks from tinyurl,, and similar sites. It’s worth a read.


7 Ways to Get Powerful Backlinks

October 17, 2010

Backlinks! How do I get them and why are they important?

Backlinks are links that come from another website to your site.

Search engines evaluate the quality of the site that is linking to you. If
the other site has a higher PR than your site does you will get brownie
points from Google and other search engines. If the site linking to you
has a lower PR than your site your PR could be lowered.

The more good backlinks you have the better your page ranking will
be. You could also say that the more good backlinks you have, the
more customers you will have.

There are several ways to get backlinks. Here are some of the
options available to you:

1. Write articles for EzineArticles and GoArticles. You will be able to
leave a link to your site in the author bio section.

2. Go to Yahoo Answers and Google Groups and find people asking
questions related to your industry. Once you find a good question
you can answer it and leave a link to your site. Make sure the link
is appropriate for the question being asked.

3. Make sure your website link is included in the

4. Make sure your website link is included in the website for your
local chamber of commerce.

5. Write a high quality blog. With time people who read your blog
will include links on their sites to your blog because they value your

Use social bookmarking tools to make sure your blog is seen. You
can use StumbledUpon, Technorati, Digg, and a host of other sites.
Google “bookmarking sites” and see what else there is for you to use.

7. Let everyone you know hear about your sites. Add the URLs on
your business cards, stationary, e-mail signatures and on anything
else people see. This will build awareness for you sites. If the
people you know are aware of your site there is a good chance
they will also eventually add links to you from their sites.

I recently heard of a company that annually charges $15,000 for
SEO purposes. The biggest thing they do for SEO is creating
backlinks for their customers. I did a search on one of their clients
that they have had for over a year. The search showed that their
customer has a total of one backlink!

That is pathetic! My blog currently has 33 backlinks and I’ve only
been writing for about three months! If you have someone “building
backlinks” for you consider doing a check to see if they are doing
their job.

You can check the number of backlinks to your site by using Site
by Yahoo. “Explore” your URL and then click the “inlinks”
button. This will tell you how many backlinks you have to your site.
It will also tell you who is linking to your site.

Thanks for reading and I hope this helps,

~Joshua Lyons


Be Smart – Use Your Hyperlinks Properly

September 9, 2010

Hyperlinks can be very valuable if you know how to use them.

Prehaps you’ve seen an article or some other means of
communication that had a link which looked like part of a text but was
blue and if you clicked on it you would be lead to another
page. This is called a hyperlink and can be used for two purposes.

First, these links tell search engines what your article is about. If
for exampleI insert this Twitter hyperlink I am actually
telling the search engines thatI am writing about Twitter. We both
know that isn’t true, but the search engines don’t know that.

Of course, you don’t want to include tons of hyperlinks with
words that don’t apply to your site. However, in my case, since this
entire blog is focused on social media it won’t hurt for me to
have a Twitter hyperlink in the previous paragraph; even though the post
isn’t exactly about Twitter.

Secondly, hyperlinks are used to help guide the flow of traffic to where
you want it.

Let’s say you just created a Facebook fan page. You are wanting to
generate some traffic but you don’t know how. What you can do is
include hyperlinks to your Facebook page in your
e-mail signature, blogs, website pages and articles. By doing this you
will create doors to your Facebook page that your audience can
find you by.

It is highly recommended to always use hyperlinks to your Twitter page,
Facebook fan page, blog, website, and any other type of
site you have. Include these links in as many places as possible so as to
help direct traffic to your sites.

In order to make a hyperlink you should highlight the text you wish to make
click-able and then click on the hyperlink image.             This image usually looks like a link from a chain. Then, in the new window,
you will enter the URL of the site you are wanting to direct the traffic to.

Good luck with your hyperlinking and I hope this helps.

Thanks for reading,

~Joshua Lyons