How to Customize Your Facebook Welcome Tab (For fan pages)

So it’s a good idea to lead people to your custom page on Facebook rather than to your wall for the first impression. How do you do this though?

First you should go to your fan page. Sometimes Facebook updates their site and links and tabs will move around so you may have to do a little searching if you are reading this a long time after the post.

Second you should click on the link that’s just under your profile and says “Edit Page.”

Scroll down to the bottom of the new page and you will see the option to click “More Applications – Browse More.” This is what you want to click.

Now, in the top left corner of the new page you will see a search box. In that box you should type “welcome page” and press enter.

You are now at a page that has a list of Facebook applications that you may be interested in using. I have looked at all of these and have decided that the best one to use for my business is Pagemoda. It has a blue icon and says Pagemoda in it. If you want to use Pagemoda go ahead on click on it.

On the new page in the top left corner you will see a link that says “Add to my Page.” This is under the profile picture. Click on that link.

You will then be asked which page you want that link to be applied to. Once you select the page you can close that window and navigate back to your fan page.

Click on the “Edit Page” option under your logo again.

Now you will see “Pagebuilder Welcome Tab” on your list of apps. Go to that application and click edit.

From here on out Pagemoda will tell you how to set up your page. It’s really not difficult at all. If you would like to look at the page I created for my business you can paste the provided link into your browser.

Good luck with your page and I hope this helped.

For my next posting I will tell you how to make it so that your new welcome page is automatically the default landing page for new visitors. This way they won’t see your wall first.

Thanks for reading,

~Joshua Lyons


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