How to Change Your Default Landing Page

So you decided it’s a good idea to have a welcome page that is not the wall. This conclusion leads you to ask yourself how. How does one change the default landing page? The answer is not too complicated. Here it is.

First, go to the fan page and click the link  Edit Page under the profile photo.

This will lead you to the next page which shows all your applications. Near the top of the list you will see an Edit link beneath the Wall Settings application.Click on that link.

Now you will see two drop down boxes. You don’t have to worry about the first drop down box, but for the second one you will want to click on the drop down menu and then select the page that you want as your default. From now on, unless you change it, your first time visitors will always go to your selected page instead of the wall.

A note – When I first tried this out I saw that I only went to the new default page once as a visitor. This is a good thing. Once people have seen your default page they already know who you are. From then on they most likely want to go to your wall first to see what’s going on with you. The default landing page is only for first time visitors.

Thanks for reading and I hope it is helpful.

Leave a comment if you have a moment. I’d love some feedback.

~Joshua Lyons

P.S. My next entry will be available Friday morning.


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