How Many Times Should I Tweet Each Day?

Yes, Twitter is valuable because it can make your Google ranking go up, but how often should you tweet?

I would recommend tweeting four times each day. You may tweet more if you have enough content to do so.

I would suggest breaking your tweets down by times of the day.

  • First tweet should be in the early morning – The new day in the US begins in the Eastern Time zone. There are a lot of people in New England and I want them to read my tweet when they start their day.
  • Second tweet should be before lunch – People get a break for lunch and check their Twitter. I want them to see what I have to say during lunch.
  • Third tweet should be shortly before people get off work – Many of the people in your audience will check their Twitter/e-mail before getting off work. For this reason it is good to have your tweet waiting for them before they get off work.
  • The fourth tweet should be around dinner time – People are home and checking their Twitter. They can now read what you have to say in the comfort of their own home.

If you want to tweet more you can but make sure you have content WORTH tweeting. Nobody will give a glance to your tweets if they know you are going to waste their time.

Question & Answer Time!

  • Q: What type of content do you tweet?
  • A: I’ll tell you on Friday.
  • Q: How do you find the time to tweet so often during the day and what if you are too busy to tweet during those times?
  • A: I will tell you on Monday.

I’m really looking forward to sharing the next two blogs with you.

Thanks for reading,

~Joshua Lyons


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