Do You Want People To Think You’re An Expert?

Do you understand something better than most people do?

You are an expert if you were able to answer that question with a yes.

Whenever I see a published article on a particular  topic I automatically assume the author is an expert. How can a person write an article if they aren’t an expert in the topic?
If you can write an article you are probably an expert.

If you can show potential clients/customers that you are an expert you are much more likely to get their business than if you don’t establish
yourself as an expert.

The best way I have found to establish yourself as an expert is to become a publisher. Sure, most people cringe at the thought of
trying to find someone to publish their work. That’s why I
recommend using EzineArticles.

There are countless websites that allow people to write articles but
so many of these articles are filled with advertisements and promotions. These aren’t what I would consider pure
articles. Articles should be designed to truly inform people with no
thought of what will be gained in return except maybe
recognition as an expert in the field.

EzineArticles is a site that has zero tolerance for advertisements and promotion’s by the author. [This is a very good thing]

Each time you submit an article to this site you will wait for about
seven days. During this time an editor will review the article and
make sure the content is appropriate. If the editor does not
approve of the content your article will be returned for revision. If the
editor is satisfied with the content your article will be published.

This is an excellent site for establishing your credibility and expertise in your field.

I would suggest submitting an article every month or two. As you provide more information you will show that you are
“up with the times” and that you are extremely knowledgeable in your field.

Good luck as you gain credibility and establish yourself as an expert!

Thanks for reading,

~Joshua Lyons

P.S. You can view an article I wrote on EzineArticles last year. It’s about the history of juggling. It’s pretty interesting [in my opinion].


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