Choose the Right Blog Platform

Where to begin?
When starting a blog for your business there are three different platforms you
should consider using. From what I’ve seen the top two blog platforms are
WordPress and Blogger. [I’ll talk about the third platform in a moment.]

You can always find other platforms to use but these two seem to be the most

WordPress and Blogger

  • Both platforms are easy to use in that they allow for easy customization
    of your blog appearance.
  • Both platforms give your blog excellent visibility to search engine
  • WordPress is strict about having not advertising or spamming through
    the blogs that are hosted.
  • WordPress has blogs with higher quality content than Blogger.
  • If you are planning to use your blog to promote your products or
    services you probably don’t want to use WordPress unless you are very
    subtile in the way you advertise them.
  • Blogger is less strict about having products and services displayed on
    the hosted blogs than WordPress.
  • Because businesses can advertise, Blogger blogs do not generally have
    the same level of quality content as WordPress. They are more spam
    and advertisement oriented.
  • Blogger will however allow you to speak more freely about your
    products and services.

The third option for your blog is to have it hosted from your website. If you
have your own website with blogging capabilities I would recommend
using this option over the first two options. The reason for this is that
having a blog on your own website will greatly increase the flow of traffic to
your website.

Better to send people to your website than to have them go to a third-party
and then hope they come to your website.

A perfect example
I recently built a social media website for my consultation
business. My site does not have blogging capabilities. Because of this I
am going to invite you to my site.

Click on Joshua Lyons to visit my site.

Will you visit my site? I don’t know. I can’t guarantee you will click the
link and boost my website traffic. If this blog were on my website you
would be boosting my traffic statistics as you read this right now.

Good luck with choosing the best site for hosting your blog!

You can click of following link to read my blog post on why We Need to Blog.

Thanks for reading,

~Joshua Lyons

Please leave feedback in the comments option below if you can provide more
useful information about blogging platforms. Thanks!


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