7 Timeless Blogging Tips

Here are seven blogging tips that should be followed.

1. Post frequently.
The more often you post the more readers you will have. As people
read your blog you will grow a following. This will establish your
credibility and will show search engines that people have an interest in
you and what you have to say.

2. Post on a schedule.
Select the best days for you to post new content. By having set
times your readers will begin to establish a routine for when they will check
your blog. Don’t make your readers take guesses as to whether or not you
might have new information.

3. Vary your paragraph lengths.
Seeing a giant block of text can be daunting for some people when they
know they have to read through the whole thing to get to the end. Vary the
length so as to subconsciously convince your readers that your content is
varied and interesting.

4. Write content because you want to write it; not because you
have to write it.

If you are writing a blog entry because your on a schedule you might as well stop blogging. When you write something that you don’t have a passion for, your readers will pick up on that. Your readers will find your
post uninteresting and even boring. Write with passion and take the necessary
time to find information worth writing about.

5. Make the reader ask “what” at the end of each line.
Here is a link to a post that covers this issue. “Do Your Readers Lose Interest?

6. Submit your blog to IMAutomator.com and other
bookmarking sites.

Let other sites develop backlinks to your blog. This will show the search engines that your site is valued by the public. This helps with SEO.

7. Share your blog post on your appropriate social
media platforms.

Tell your friends and followers that you have a new post. Ask them to check
it out and give you feedback. This will increase your blog traffic and will
give you valuable comments on what you wrote.

Good luck with your blogging and I hope this helps.

Thanks for reading,

~Joshua Lyons


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