Beware of Facebook’s Offer to Merge Fan and Place Pages

December 12, 2010

Facebook is now allowing, even encouraging, businesses to merge their
fan page with their place page. This can be good for some businesses but

Facebook Mergeit can also be very bad for some businesses.
Make sure you know what you are doing
before you click the unchangeable “merge”
button. (UPDATE: 1/6/11 -As of Dec. 2010
Facebook added the option to unmerge.)

Merged Fan Pages and Place Pages

1. People who visit  your place page can see
what other friends are their. They can also
see which friends were recently there.
2. A map is provided at the top of the info tab which allows people to
see exactly where the business or event is located.

1. The default landing page cannot be changed. The default landing page is
pretty much the same thing as the wall.
2. Custom pages cannot be seen on the place page. FBML<> are an
exception to this. (UPDATE: 12/14/2010 – I can’t speak for every app
that makes custom
pages, but Pagemodo.com is now able to
make a page that works. Still, be
careful if you use a custom page
that isn’t provided by Pagemodo.)
FBML pages will work, but you have
to know how to do Facebook’s version of html. If you have a page using a
custom Facebook application it will not be able to display. This could be
very bad if you paid a lot of money for an expensive custom page that isn’t
in FBML.
3. The tabs that are ordinarily across the top of the fan page (i.e. wall, info,
photos, notes, etc.) are moved to the left side of the Place page and are
much smaller than the fan page tabs.
4. The only people who can view the Place page are people who use smart
phone. Desktops and laptops cannot view the place page.

There has been a growing group of people who are against the merge. You
may want to follow this link to view the Facebook group and see why they
don’t like the merge.

If your business or event relies heavily on having high volumes of
traffic you may want to consider merging your page. This is especially
true if a large number of your visitors use smart phones.

For many businesses it may be a good idea to wait to see how Facebook’s
place page evolves before merging your page and losing the ability to set
the default landing page and possibly lose your custom Facebook tab.

In most cases I would highly recommend that you do not merge your page.
There are several reasons for this. If you would like me to go into more
details as to why I think most businesses should not merge you can read
Don’t Let People See Your Wall! (For Fan Pages) or you can add a comment

to this posting.

Thanks for reading,
~Joshua Lyons



  1. This is really fresh news my friend. Thanks!

    Also, have you heard about Lujure yet? media.lujure.com has the newest way to customize your fan page its pretty cool I’ve heard. Do you know anything about it?

    • I went to the website and checked out the design page. It looks like it could be pretty cool and easy to work with. I would still probably use pagemodo.com though because it offers a free version. If I were going to use a paid version I would maybe have a hard time selecting which site to use because they both look pretty good. I have used the paid version of pagemodo for one of the businesses I work with and they really liked it. Thanks for sharing the lujure.com. I’ll keep an eye on it and see how it evolves.

  2. personally all i want is the ability to be able to once again determine what tab people land on. and the ability to use FMBL. but even if i dont get that..just being able to specify the landing tab for both fans and non-fans… would be great.

  3. I had the same problem with my pagemodo tab not working. They said they were working on a solution. Hopefully it gets taken care of pretty soon.

  4. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Maria Frangieh, Joshua Lyons. Joshua Lyons said: Beware of Facebook's Offer to Merge Fan and Place Pages: http://wp.me/p11j5G-9z […]

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