Fan Page vs Website

September 23, 2010

Your business just made a website not too long ago. Why would you need
to have a fan page now?

From what I’ve seen a fan page is almost like another website. You can add
tabs, give promotions, say whatever you want [within reason] and you can
even insert a couple of PayPal applications.

The reason you want a fan page is because a fan page allows you to
interact with your visitors (fans). A website is generally a final
destination site that allows people to read about and purchase the products of

A website does not usually develop interest in or desire for the
products you sell. This is where a Facebook fan page comes in.

By having a fan page your company can talk about interesting
topics. Talk about the Super Bowl, the Olympics, the bed bug epidemic going
on the US and anything else that is deemed interesting. You can talk about
topics that are of interest to your target market. This shows that your
content is interesting.

Facebook vs Website

When you have a product you
really want to push you can
bring that up as a topic of

Now that people know you
speak about topics that are
interesting, and you have
developed a relationship with
your fans, you can more easily
convince your fans that your
product is both interesting
and desirable. From there you
can lead your fans to the
website or store to actually purchase the product that was pushed.

Facebook fan pages are used, unlike websites, to create targeted
relationships and to encourage product interest and desire to grow in
the minds of your audience.

You can just stick with a website, but why do that when you can use
Facebook to actually get people interested in what you have to offer?

I’m sure there are many other difference between a fan page and a
website. If you think of something that I didn’t talk about please
submit it in the comments field below. With any luck we will soon
have long list of pros and cons to a fan page.

Thanks for reading,

Joshua Lyons



  1. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Mike Pedersen, Joshua Lyons. Joshua Lyons said: Fan Page vs Website: http://wp.me/p11j5G-62 […]

  2. I believe website is the problem. What you need is a striking, compelling, and evocative internet presentation with Blog.

    Website is old school!

    Your internet presence should evoke the great Buyer Values your providing to your clients. The major direct buyer values include increasing revenue, decreasing cost, decreasing risk and consequences, and a design that wows staff and customers. Even better is to have the sight made up of a series of landing pages that address directly customer keyword search needs.

    Then use the Bolg for 3 simple ideas: to “engage, inform, and inspire” potential clients. That means “Do No Sell Anything”. Use the blog for “thought Leadership”; for demonstrating your expertise, credibility, and through that process develop customer trust and confidence!

    And if under this compelling Internet Presentation” is a highly flexible, and higly functional web based CMS that gives your clients virtuall 100% control of the internet presence …you have the perfect package.

    I want to help my clients by providing massive value at a competitive price, It’s all about great value …the term “website” misses the point entirely!

    And of course social media and SEM/SEO should be integrated into the Web Based CMS to cover all your client’s needs.

    I’d love feedback on these points; that is constructive counterpoints. Let’s get a compelling discussion started.

    Thank you. paul.gothier@americaneagle.com 919-215-3839

    Th through a

  3. […] Av detta kan man dra slutsatsen att Facebook kan vara ett utmärkt sätt att möta och interagera med sina konsumenter och liknande. Men kanske inte det bästa sättet att nå ut till journalister och liknande.  Men även om det inte är det bästa sättet, så kanske det trots allt finns anledning att erbjuda journalister och liknande det dem efterfrågar även på Facebook. I synnerhet för det fåtal som nöjer sig med en Facebook-sida som sin hemsida. […]

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